How do you change the batteries?

Watch the below video

  1. Rotate the head/ball as you would the lid of a bottle.
  2. Unscrew the battery cover. (Note our original Bottlepop range does not have a cover)
  3. Replace batteries and do previous steps in reverse. 
  4. Pop open a frofie and enjoy!

They take 3 x AG10 Batteries.

Do You Combined Shipping On Pre-Orders? 

At the present we are unable to separate your order that includes any pre order item(s). 
If this is an issue please manually separate your order before the checkout 


Do Your Bottle Openers Work On Long Neck Bottles?

Yes, However Bottlepops unfortunately don't function to the highest level of quality on short neck bottles  - Sorry short neck drinkers. 

Any further issues email us at info@bottlepops.com